Live Spectacle "NARUTO"
~The Tale Of Uzumaki Naruto~

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Sasuke Uchiha won the vast battle against his brother, Itachi Uchiha, fulfilling his long-standing ambition. However, he learns of his brother's truth from Madara Uchiha, and determines to join hands with "Akatsuki" to seek revenge on Hidden Leaf Village, the enemy of Itachi and the Uchiha Clan.
Meanwhile, at Hidden Leaf Village, the death in battle of Jiraiya was told and Naruto Uzumaki , who was entrusted with everything from Jiraiya, was to start Sage Jutsu training at Mount Myoboku.

In amidst of this, Pain, the leader of "Akatsuki", goes after Naruto who beholds the Nine Tailed Beast, and attacks Hidden Leaf Village without mercy.
What is the answer that Naruto comes to in order to stop the chain of hatred in the Shinobi world?

Naruto's battle stirs up a new wind!


<Naruto Uzumaki> Masaki Nakao
<Sasuke Uchiha> Ryuji Sato

<Sakura Haruno> Yui Ito
<Kakashi Hatake> Yuki Kimisawa

<Sai> Fuma Sadamoto
<Shikamaru Nara> Kazuaki Yasue
<Hinata Hyuga> Sena
<Shizune> Sari Kojima

<Tsunade> Cecile Daigo

<Pain> Teruma
<Konan> Yuka Kobayashi
<Madara Uchiha> Daiki Ise
<Zetsu> Ryunosuke Kawai

<Gaara> Takeru Naya
<Ay> Keigo Kitamura
<Killer Bee> Shin Koyanagi

<Suigetsu Hozuki> Ryutaro Maeda
<Karin> Kanon Nanaki
<Jugo> Koki Emoto

<Minato Namikaze> Ryo Kitazono

<Nagato> Yuki Tamaki


Original: "NARUTO" Masashi Kishimoto (published by Shueisha Jump Comics)
Screenplay / Director: Akiko Kodama

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