Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical
-Kaguya Hime's Beloved-

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    November 18 (Thu) 23:00 - February 3 (Thu) 17:00

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Christmas season.
Usagi Tsukino and her friends are holding a joint birthday party for Makoto, Minako, and Setsuna.
The chilly, winter air is dispelled by the lively party.

One cold day, Usagi’s partner Luna (a black cat) is chased by mischievous kids and during her escape is almost run over by a car. A young man named Kakeru Ozora rescues her.
Kakeru’s dream was to become an astronaut.
Luna is drawn to Kakeru’s kind and pure heart, but realizes she has a rival in his childhood friend Himeko Nayotake, who is always by his side.
Luna begins to act strangely, causing Usagi and her friends to worry.

Meanwhile the Sailor Guardians learn that a comet "Princess Snow Kaguya", discovered and named by Kakeru, is on a collision course with Earth.
Snow Kaguya, the Queen of Ice living on the comet, aims to turn the universe into an ice world and make Kakeru, who discovered her, her eternal partner.

The Sailor Guardians and Luna must thwart Princess Snow Kaguya's plans so Kakeru and Himeko’s dream of going to the moon can be realized.

But what of Luna's feelings of love?
Sailor Moon must create a miracle on Christmas night…

――――― Come to the Moon, to see if I'm there.
Promise you'll come see me…


<Sailor Moon / Super Sailor Moon / Usagi Tsukino> Riko Tanaka
<Sailor Mercury / Ami Mizuno> Kanon Maekawa
<Sailor Mars / Rei Hino> Rei Kobayashi
<Sailor Jupiter / Makoto Kino> Kisara Matsumura
<Sailor Venus / Minako Aino> Marin Makino

<Sailor Uranus / Haruka Ten'ō> Shinjyu Terada
<Sailor Neptune / Michiru Kaiō> Ayana Kinoshita
<Sailor Pluto / Setsuna Meiō> Chisato Minami
<Sailor Saturn / Hotaru Tomoe> Yuuka Ide

<Sailor Chibi Moon / Chibi-Usa> Yurika Kobayashi (double-cast)
<Sailor Chibi Moon / Chibi-Usa> Erena Kamata (double-cast)

<Luna (human being) > Marisa
<Luna> Yune Sakurai

<Kakeru Ozora> Natsume Oki
<Himeko Nayotake> Nanami Tamai

<Princess Snow Kaguya> Sayaka Okamura

<Tuxedo Mask / Mamoru Chiba> Riku Sorahane


Original Story: Naoko Takeuchi (published by Kodansha)
Screenplay / Director: Kaori Miura
Music: Go Sakabe

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